Welcome to G and D Associates’ Self-Review of technology to support personalized learning.

Sponsored by the Morgridge Family Foundation

To achieve a truly personalized model of learning, schools need to undergo significant transformation.
One of the key elements of this transformation is the introduction and seamless integration of
technology. Although personalized learning relies heavily on technology, it should not be the main
focus, it is purely an enabler. For learning to evolve, technology must be easily accessible throughout a
child’s education and should not be limited by time or location.

This self-review is designed to give schools an idea of where they are in terms of using technology to
deliver personalized learning. It is broken down into five areas; Learning, Teaching, Administration and
Management, Professional Development and Wider Community.

The areas above contain a number of sections, each broken down into four levels. Level descriptors
help leadership teams decide where they are in each area.

The review typically takes a leadership team an hour. As soon as you register, an email will be sent with
a link to your review which allows completion over a number of sessions if needed.

When you have completed the review, the link will take you to a report page.

The self-review report enables a school to quickly evaluate their current situation, highlighting good
practice and those areas in need of attention.

Thank you,
G and D Associates